The Best New (for me) Today

Like holy shit!

What the hell is happening in the world?

Lord and Miller were fired from Han Solo!

Damon Lindelof is making a Watchmen series for HBO?!

I can’t even! But in all honesty what ground could a Watchmen series actually cover that the movie hasn’t? I suppose a series could give us the ending of the comic with the subplot about the artists in the island creating a giant monster to destroy New York (its been out over 30 years, there are no spoilers here).

And i can’t imagine anyone topping the performances of the movie (except maybe Malin Ackerman…) I’ve never liked her in the role of Silk Spectre and her performance was flat and lifeless.

I know the film was rather divisive with the fans but I genuinely enjoyed it and thought Jackie Earl Haley and Jeffery Dean Morgan were absolute stand-outs!

And all the shit hitting the fan with the Han Solo film…

What the fuck is going on with Lucas film? I know there is a lot of speculation going on and “he said, she said” about what happened. SlashFilm had some great coverage on it that i thought was very bias free.

I know there is a lot of blame to go around and just as many fanboys throwing it about, but I’m on the fence. I’m in the camp that Maybe Lord and Miller did not want to compromise and play nice while Kathleen&Co did not do a great job of making it clear what they wanted for the film.

that being said…



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