4th of July write up and terrible headaches

Happy 4th.

Its the 4th of July, my head is pounding, I’m irritable and I’m currently watching Ms. Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children.

I’m sure this is a bold statement to make, but this may be Tim Burton’s best film. It’s absolutely my favorite. I’ve watched it twice in 24 hours and I’m enamored by the characters and their peculiarities. Though the love story is not my favorite, and they rarely are, Asa Butterfield’s Jake is endearing with his wonderment of the different children and their gifts though I do find him to be the least interesting character of the film.

Samuel L. Jackson is absolutely creepy as Mr. Baron and it is amazing. Along with Mr. Baron are the Hallows, the slenderman-esque monsters with no eyes and tentacles extruding from their mouths. I love the design and execution. No one can see them except Jake so the idea that they could be around you at all times and never know is absolutely scary.

Eva Green’s Ms. Peregrine is the best character of the film and is exactly what you would expect of her. She’s tough, strong, doesn’t take shit from anyone and isn’t afraid to talk back to Mr. Baron even when he has his knife shaped hand to Jake’s throat.

My favorite scene is definitely the skeleton army fighting the hallows on the pier. It’s funny, action packed and everything you could ever hope it to be.

Peregrine’s Peculiar Children is, in short, the best X-men film made.

This is a short little write to basically say that I liked this little movie that I didn’t think I’d like. I’ve been a little hesitant to watch a Tim Burton film since I feel his movies tend to be overly stylized, but anyway, I digress.


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