RIP George Romero

I’ve been thinking a lot about the passing of George Romero.

There’s no denying the man was an inspiration and a legend among the horror community. He created the modern zombie genre, after all.

I remember when I discovered Night of the Living Dead; I’d just developed an obsession with zombies and zombie films. I’d watch anything I could get my hands on. I remember finding the Special Edition DVD of Night of the Living Dead at the mall and being so stoked to be able to see the one that started it all for the first time. Everything about it was perfect; the atmosphere, the acting, the social commentary, the bleak ending. It’s still one of my favorite films of all time.

“They’re coming to get you Barbara!”

Then Dawn of the Dead landed in my lap and holy shit! It was so different, and scary and everything that one could want in a zombie movie.

As a fan, I know that not every one of Romero’s films was a hit or good, but they were always different. Each film taking liberties and finding new ways to explore the horror and zombie genres. Each one dared to do something different and that’s what was great about George Romero. He pushed the limits, he dared to be new, and he did what he wanted.

Whenever Romeo and Argento got together you knew you were in for a treat of zombies and gore and something pleasing to the eye. It’s a team that will be missed and the world will be poorer for losing it.


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