Reports that Ben Affleck is leaving the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman is circulating like crazy all over the interwebs today and that sucks!

I’ve been a big supporter of Bat-fleck ever since they announced his casting as an older, grizzled Bruce/Batman and he sealed the deal in BvS:DoJ. He was fucking fantastic and brutal and I loved it, the killing controversy aside, he is the best on screen batman ever.

Then with Matt Reeves being brought in the solo batman movie and saying all the right things about exploring the “world’s greatest detective” moniker, I was absolutely elated to see Ben bring that side of the Bat to life! It seemed like a match made in move geek heaven.

I guess we’ll see what happens.


Ben Affleck confirms that he is staying on as Batman for Warner Bros. and all my fears are laid to rest.

So stoked. Bring it!

Then there’s the new Justice League trailer. Holy Crap does it look cool. The Flash get the funny one liners, Wonder Woman looking as cool as ever! All of my DC worries seem to be fading and I couldn’t be happier. Everything looks brighter and everyone looks like they’re having fun! Its a huge departure from BvS and looks more in line with that of Wonder Woman.

I’m really excited to see Jason Mamoa as Aquaman. He looks like the biggest and best departure fromthe comics. There really isn’t anyone else I’d want to see as Arthur Curry/Aquaman.

Its hard to say where the re-shoots from Joss Whedon are and what was filmed by Zack Snyder which is great. I really think Zack really paid attention to the reception of BvS and made sure things felt right.


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