Reports that Ben Affleck is leaving the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman is circulating like crazy all over the interwebs today and that sucks!

I’ve been a big supporter of Bat-fleck ever since they announced his casting as an older, grizzled Bruce/Batman and he sealed the deal in BvS:DoJ. He was fucking fantastic and brutal and I loved it, the killing controversy aside, he is the best on screen batman ever.

Then with Matt Reeves being brought in the solo batman movie and saying all the right things about exploring the “world’s greatest detective” moniker, I was absolutely elated to see Ben bring that side of the Bat to life! It seemed like a match made in move geek heaven.

I guess we’ll see what happens.


Ben Affleck confirms that he is staying on as Batman for Warner Bros. and all my fears are laid to rest.

So stoked. Bring it!

Then there’s the new Justice League trailer. Holy Crap does it look cool. The Flash get the funny one liners, Wonder Woman looking as cool as ever! All of my DC worries seem to be fading and I couldn’t be happier. Everything looks brighter and everyone looks like they’re having fun! Its a huge departure from BvS and looks more in line with that of Wonder Woman.

I’m really excited to see Jason Mamoa as Aquaman. He looks like the biggest and best departure fromthe comics. There really isn’t anyone else I’d want to see as Arthur Curry/Aquaman.

Its hard to say where the re-shoots from Joss Whedon are and what was filmed by Zack Snyder which is great. I really think Zack really paid attention to the reception of BvS and made sure things felt right.

RIP George Romero

I’ve been thinking a lot about the passing of George Romero.

There’s no denying the man was an inspiration and a legend among the horror community. He created the modern zombie genre, after all.

I remember when I discovered Night of the Living Dead; I’d just developed an obsession with zombies and zombie films. I’d watch anything I could get my hands on. I remember finding the Special Edition DVD of Night of the Living Dead at the mall and being so stoked to be able to see the one that started it all for the first time. Everything about it was perfect; the atmosphere, the acting, the social commentary, the bleak ending. It’s still one of my favorite films of all time.

“They’re coming to get you Barbara!”

Then Dawn of the Dead landed in my lap and holy shit! It was so different, and scary and everything that one could want in a zombie movie.

As a fan, I know that not every one of Romero’s films was a hit or good, but they were always different. Each film taking liberties and finding new ways to explore the horror and zombie genres. Each one dared to do something different and that’s what was great about George Romero. He pushed the limits, he dared to be new, and he did what he wanted.

Whenever Romeo and Argento got together you knew you were in for a treat of zombies and gore and something pleasing to the eye. It’s a team that will be missed and the world will be poorer for losing it.

a good thursday night

What a time to be alive.

Tonight after the long drive home from work and picking up the kid from my sister’s place, flipping through the channels I find that the polarizing Batman v. Superman is on. I, personally, like this one and really enjoy the warehouse fight where Bat-Fleck effectively fucks up everyone in the best Batman fight sequence ever filmed. (these are my opinions).

Unfortunately, that scene had already passed but the point where Doomsday is wreaking havoc on a deserted island between Metropolis and Gotham is on and Diana Prince/Wonder Woman sees it on the plane television and leaves to help.

at that point, right when Doomsday is on screen my kid stops and asks, “who’s that?”

“That’s Doomsday” I explain, “he’s a bad guy, oh look? Who’s that?” I say enthusiastically pointing to the TV. Batman in his own Bat-Jet appears and my kids very excitedly exclaims,


My kid loves batman and hasn’t seen anything Batman before outside what I’ve told him. Is he a little young to watch BvS? Probably, yes; but he loves superheroes and he loves Batman and Superman.

Superman appears and begins to punch Doomsday into space and I can see the wonder in my kids eyes. He’s entranced and excited. He actually gets to see Batman and Superman do their thing.

I tell him, “someone really cool is coming, just wait.”

Batman is hit, his Bat-jet is on the ground and Doomsday is charging up for the kill. The red beams of energy are fired right at Batman when at the last second he’s saved, not by Superman, Wonder Woman.

She lowers her gauntlets and her kick-ass them begins to play and my kid’s eyes haven’t left the screen. He’s just had his first introduction to one of the most bad-ass women in comics and it was when she saved his favorite superhero from the monster. It was awesome, it was amazing and I can’t think of a better way for her introduction to my kid. A better introduction to the best superhero team thats ever existed. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

My Son gets to grow up with these heroes all interacting, working together and doing good. It really is a time to be alive and I’m so excited to get to share these moments with him.

4th of July write up and terrible headaches

Happy 4th.

Its the 4th of July, my head is pounding, I’m irritable and I’m currently watching Ms. Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children.

I’m sure this is a bold statement to make, but this may be Tim Burton’s best film. It’s absolutely my favorite. I’ve watched it twice in 24 hours and I’m enamored by the characters and their peculiarities. Though the love story is not my favorite, and they rarely are, Asa Butterfield’s Jake is endearing with his wonderment of the different children and their gifts though I do find him to be the least interesting character of the film.

Samuel L. Jackson is absolutely creepy as Mr. Baron and it is amazing. Along with Mr. Baron are the Hallows, the slenderman-esque monsters with no eyes and tentacles extruding from their mouths. I love the design and execution. No one can see them except Jake so the idea that they could be around you at all times and never know is absolutely scary.

Eva Green’s Ms. Peregrine is the best character of the film and is exactly what you would expect of her. She’s tough, strong, doesn’t take shit from anyone and isn’t afraid to talk back to Mr. Baron even when he has his knife shaped hand to Jake’s throat.

My favorite scene is definitely the skeleton army fighting the hallows on the pier. It’s funny, action packed and everything you could ever hope it to be.

Peregrine’s Peculiar Children is, in short, the best X-men film made.

This is a short little write to basically say that I liked this little movie that I didn’t think I’d like. I’ve been a little hesitant to watch a Tim Burton film since I feel his movies tend to be overly stylized, but anyway, I digress.

The Best New (for me) Today

Like holy shit!

What the hell is happening in the world?

Lord and Miller were fired from Han Solo!

Damon Lindelof is making a Watchmen series for HBO?!

I can’t even! But in all honesty what ground could a Watchmen series actually cover that the movie hasn’t? I suppose a series could give us the ending of the comic with the subplot about the artists in the island creating a giant monster to destroy New York (its been out over 30 years, there are no spoilers here).

And i can’t imagine anyone topping the performances of the movie (except maybe Malin Ackerman…) I’ve never liked her in the role of Silk Spectre and her performance was flat and lifeless.

I know the film was rather divisive with the fans but I genuinely enjoyed it and thought Jackie Earl Haley and Jeffery Dean Morgan were absolute stand-outs!

And all the shit hitting the fan with the Han Solo film…

What the fuck is going on with Lucas film? I know there is a lot of speculation going on and “he said, she said” about what happened. SlashFilm had some great coverage on it that i thought was very bias free.

I know there is a lot of blame to go around and just as many fanboys throwing it about, but I’m on the fence. I’m in the camp that Maybe Lord and Miller did not want to compromise and play nice while Kathleen&Co did not do a great job of making it clear what they wanted for the film.

that being said…