Little Evil Review

As soon as September hits the countdown to Halloween begins. I’m a firm believer that it’s never too early or to late to get spooky and the moment the weather begins to cool I’m thinking about which Halloween themed, spooky ass films I’m going to watch this year.

There are the old favorites that I visit every year but this year I’m determined to watch something new and last night was the first of many spooky movie nights planned through October.

Little Evil tells the story of Adam Scott as he attempts to bond with his new stepson while trying to prove to his new wife that he can handle the job of being a parent. The only catch is that his stepson just so happens to be the Antichrist. Oops.

Little Evil is fun. If you’ve seen Tucker and Dale vs Evil then you know what kind of film you’re going to get. An almost slapstick comedy film with elements and homages to the horror films that inspired it. Almost everything from the kids school uniform to the kids at a birthday party are slap you in the face nods to the viewer.

Adam Scott is exactly how you’d imagine him to be. Pretty much just like his character Ben from Parks and Recreation. (Though almost all of his characters are a play on Ben in some form or another). And I’m the context of this film, it works. In fact all the supporting characters, I found, were genuinely funny. Listening to stepdads sharing their horror stories about trying to bond with the kids and dealing with the absolute terror of the children.

And that is the underlying theme of the film. Parenting is hard. Extremely hard even if it’s your own kid but if if you’re coming into it from the outside it can be a total horror story nightmare. It works really well but becomes a little heavy handed and verges on cheesy by the end climax of the film.

Is Little Evil a perfect film? No and it’s not quite as good as the director’s previous work of Tucker and Dale, but it’s funny and definitely worth the watch if you love horror comedies and want to enjoy a good laugh before bed.


a good thursday night

What a time to be alive.

Tonight after the long drive home from work and picking up the kid from my sister’s place, flipping through the channels I find that the polarizing Batman v. Superman is on. I, personally, like this one and really enjoy the warehouse fight where Bat-Fleck effectively fucks up everyone in the best Batman fight sequence ever filmed. (these are my opinions).

Unfortunately, that scene had already passed but the point where Doomsday is wreaking havoc on a deserted island between Metropolis and Gotham is on and Diana Prince/Wonder Woman sees it on the plane television and leaves to help.

at that point, right when Doomsday is on screen my kid stops and asks, “who’s that?”

“That’s Doomsday” I explain, “he’s a bad guy, oh look? Who’s that?” I say enthusiastically pointing to the TV. Batman in his own Bat-Jet appears and my kids very excitedly exclaims,


My kid loves batman and hasn’t seen anything Batman before outside what I’ve told him. Is he a little young to watch BvS? Probably, yes; but he loves superheroes and he loves Batman and Superman.

Superman appears and begins to punch Doomsday into space and I can see the wonder in my kids eyes. He’s entranced and excited. He actually gets to see Batman and Superman do their thing.

I tell him, “someone really cool is coming, just wait.”

Batman is hit, his Bat-jet is on the ground and Doomsday is charging up for the kill. The red beams of energy are fired right at Batman when at the last second he’s saved, not by Superman, Wonder Woman.

She lowers her gauntlets and her kick-ass them begins to play and my kid’s eyes haven’t left the screen. He’s just had his first introduction to one of the most bad-ass women in comics and it was when she saved his favorite superhero from the monster. It was awesome, it was amazing and I can’t think of a better way for her introduction to my kid. A better introduction to the best superhero team thats ever existed. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

My Son gets to grow up with these heroes all interacting, working together and doing good. It really is a time to be alive and I’m so excited to get to share these moments with him.